Number Maestro Preview

Number Maestro, our new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is approaching completion, and should be released later in November. Number Maestro is largely inspired by Word Maestro, replacing words with sequences of numbers.

Number Maestro helps keep your brain active and alert with an addictive number sequence search that is simple to learn and fun to play. 

● Each grid contains a series of number sequences each with at least four numbers. 
● The numbers in any particular sequence increment by a fixed value between two and nine. 
● Sequences can be placed horizontally (either left to right, or right to left), or vertically (either top to bottom, or bottom to top). 
● Select numbers by dragging a line across the tiles on the grid. 
● When a correct number sequence is found then it is highlighted on the grid and the number list. 
● The number list can be hidden, or partially revealed for a more difficult game. 
● Improve your maths, addition, subtraction and times table practice in a fun environment. 
● Integration with Game Center, compare your times against your friends and other players. 

Each grid is created exclusively for you, offering a limitless number of unique puzzles you will always be presented with a new challenge.