Chart Wizard Tutorial - Displaying your Chart


Tap the "Chart" button to update the chart display with the current data content of the grid (the chart does not update automatically after grid changes).

Chart type and layout can be configured at any time by tapping the "Configure" button.

The chart will display data from all columns by default (where appropriate) unless one or more columns have been selected in the grid in which case only data from those columns is displayed.


Charts can be repositioned simply by "swiping" left or right.

You can zoom in and out by using your finger and thumb to "pinch" the chart.


Tapping the "Configure" button will display the Configure dialog, which allows the chart layout to be altered.

The type of chart to be displayed can be selected.

The chart title, font type, font size and colour can be amended (tapping on any of these will display either a keyboard or a font or colour selection dialog as appropriate).


Similarly the X and Y axis titles can be modified. You can also set the offset of the titles from their axis, and the amount of padding to apply to the left and bottom of the graph (to aid positioning of axis, labels and title).

The values can also be displayed (data values at top of columns, row headers for pie charts etc).

The legend is a key to the chart's data. It can be turned on or off, font type, font size and colour can be amended and the number of columns set.


Finally the colours used in the chart can be altered, and the chart theme and fill style selected (just tap the controls).