Chart Wizard Tutorial - Opening Projects and Importing Data

New Project

New Chart Wizard projects can be created by tapping the "New" button.

Open Project

Existing Chart Wizard projects can be loaded by tapping the "Open" button. This will display the Open dialog with a list of all available projects, simply tap the name of the project you with to open.

Chart Wizard also accepts raw, comma-seperated values (CSV) format files. These can be imported by tapping the "Import" button.

Import Data

The Import Location dialog will prompt for the location of the file to be imported. This can be either Chart Wizard's "document directory" (see below), your Dropbox account, or indirectly via an email attachment.

A list of available files will be displayed. If you selected Dropbox then you may need to login, and you may be equested to grant Chart Wizard access privileges.

Tap the file you wish to import.

The Import Format dialog will allow you to specify the exact format of the file. If it is just raw data then leave both options unticked. If the first row in the file contains a list of column labels then tick the first checkbox, and if the first entry in each data row is a row label then tick the second checkbox.

Document Directory

In iTunes, select your device, and the App tab. A "File Sharing" section will be displayed which lists all of the apps able to transfer documents between the device and your computer. Select Chart Wizard from the list and you will be able to add your raw data files to Chart Wizard's document directory ready to be imported.

Email Attachments

Chart Wizard registers as a reader of CSV format files, so your email app or browser should allow you to launch Chart Wizard from an attachment of this type.