Chart Wizard Tutorial - Exporting Charts and Saving Projects

Save Project

Chart Wizard projects are saved when the "Finish" button is tapped.

If the project was created from the "New" or "Import" button then the Save dialog will be displayed.

A new filename can be entered by tapping the edit field at the bottom of the dialog, which will display the onscreen keyboard.

Tap the "Ok" button to save.

Projects are saved to Chart Wizard's document directory on your device (tap "Open" to reload later).

Export Chart

The chart can also be exported in other readable formats by tapping the "Export" button.

Full Screen:

This will display your chart using the full screen of your device (it can still be pinched and swiped to resize the actual data).


This will export the chart as a PNG image file, which is a common format which is widely readable.

The file can be saved to the device's Photo Album, your Dropbox account, sent by email, or copied to the device's clipboard.


This will export the chart as a PDF file, another widely used format.

The file can be saved to the app's "document directory" (see below), your Dropbox account, or sent by email.

For files exported to the document directory or Dropbox the Export File dialog will be displayed to allow you to enter a filename.

It functions similarly to the Save dialog (see above).

Document Directory

In iTunes, select your device, and the App tab. A "File Sharing" section will be displayed which lists all of the apps able to transfer documents between the device and your computer. Select Chart Wizard from the list and you will be able to remove your charts from Chart Wizard's document directory after they have been exported.