Letter Shuffle

Letter Shuffle

Letter Shuffle is an addictive word game that is easy to play.

The game comprises a grid and a series of tiles. Tiles are dragged onto the grid to spell out words. Each grid contains four words, two horizontal, and two vertical. Depending on the difficulty level selected, a number of random tiles will be locked on the grid in their correct locations.

There are three game modes:

  • Practice, try a quick level, no pressure...
  • Survival, select your difficultly level, then play until you fail or give-up.
  • Challenge, a series of levels, starting easy but getting progressively more difficult.

Letter Shuffle is integrated with Game Center, compare your scores against your friends and other players. Letter Shuffle grids are created in real-time to offer an unique challenge, using a dictionary of several thousand common words (many grids have multiple possible solutions).

Letter Shuffle Lite

There are two Letter Shuffle apps available on the app store, the second is a free version which does not include the largest grid sizes and has ads on the game screen.